New Vectorworks Architect tutorial available

I’m really happy that Nemetschek Vectorworks have just announced my new Architect Tutorial Manual for Vectorworks 2013. Each year when I update my manuals, I try to ensure that I have including the most up to date workflows.

I visited a client the other day for training, and I really wished that he had this manual. There were so many questions that he asked about roofing, setting up wall styes, creating areas, and so on, that were answered by this manual. It would have been easier for me to teach him and it would have made our training time more productive.

The fifth edition of our Vectorworks Architect Tutorial Manual by expert Vectorworks trainer Jonathan Pickup of Archoncad is now available. This thorough, project-based training workbook has been updated for use with Vectorworks Architect 2013software and includes instruction about the following:

  • Using layers and classes and developing an office layer and class standard
  • Creating an office library
  • Using the Property Line tool
  • Creating and manipulating site models and using them for height-to-boundary analysis
  • Using Walls and Wall Styles
  • Understanding stairs and vertical transport
  • Making a quick model of a project using spaces for bulk and location analysis
  • Using annotation tools, title blocks, and the notes database to quickly annotate your plans

Although the example in the manual is a residential project, the principles learned can also be applied to commercial building design.

Please visit our Training Guides page for more information about this and other Vectorworks tutorials.

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