SST_1302 Animations with Vectorworks

When you present your design you cannot be sure that others are thinking of the same thing that you are. One of the ways around this is to create images of your design, so they can see it from several views. These can be rendered views so your client can see the light, shadows, and textures. These images work well with printed media, but if you want them to fully understand design, a movie is best.

There is also an extension to Vectorworks you can buy on line that will dramatically improve the animation abilities of Vectorworks. This is called Animationworks and you can find more information on this web site. Some users report that Animationworks makes it easier to control the flow of the movie, because you can tell the camera to follow a 3D NURBS curve. It also allows you to animate objects in Vectorworks, which means that you can move, slide, show, hide or rotate objects during the movie. This is a major improvement to the abilities that Vectorworks has.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Step 1 – Create the 3D Model
  • Simple Animation (Orbit)
  • Create Animation
  • Simple Animation (Move Along Path)
  • Complex Animations
  • Animationworks
    • AW Camera Path
    • AW Camera
    • Creating the Animation
    • Animationworks Moving Object and Path
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Orbit movie made with Vectorworks

Move Along a Path movie made with Vectorworks

Entry Movie made with Animationworks

Flyover movie made with Animationworks

Front of House movie made with Animationworks


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