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Over the years I have created several extra tools, or plug-ins, for Vectorworks. These are very useful on older verisions of Vectorworks and some these are still useful on the latest versions.

From time to time, we make plug-ins for Vectorworks that make a job or task easier. These plug-ins will be made available for download when it suits you. For example, the Elevation Maker plug-in creates four main elevations from a 3D model.

All the Plug-ins are in one folder. This folder has to be copied to the Vectorworks Plug-in folder in your application folder, or your user folder.

For Vectorworks 2015, compress the plug-ins folder before adding the plug-ins using the Plug-ins Manager form the Tools menu. Use the Install button to add the plug-ins.


Add the plug-ins before you start Vectorworks, otherwise Vectorworks will not recognize the plug-ins. After adding these to the Vectorworks Plug-ins folder, you need to add these to your workspace.

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5 thoughts on “Archoncad Plugins

  1. Jonathan,

    Will the 2014 files work in VW 2015 (Architect) or is there going to be an updated version released at some point?


    • I am using the tool in my Vectorworks 2015, you just have to remember to install them correctly, using the Install… button on the Plug-in Manager dialog box. If you do not install these correctly, the icons do not show up and the tools may not work correctly.

  2. Jn, can you clarify the need to compress the files (PC or Mac requirement?) and how to do it? Also, in the past I have just moved the plug-in into the Plug-in library folder and when restarting VW, they show up in the available tools. I this the wrong way to do it?
    You can tell me in Philly…

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