Education_SIG_001 Education Special Interest Group February 2013

This was the first session for the education special interest group. We spent a lot of time discussing the structure that would be appropriate for educational purposes.

There are three situations where we can use the resources on this website to inspect the works:

  1. In an educational establishment like a university or high school.
  2. In a larger office where the staff need to be  up skilled.
  3. You could also be an educator teaching your own private Vectorworks clients.

We discussed the extent of the resources on this website and it was agreed that many of the resources required are already available in the subscriber area. However, these resources need to be brought together in a way that makes it easy to access them and put them in a logical order.

We also discussed how the resources could be structured to make it easy to teach  Vectorworks for beginners, for intermediate users, and for advanced users. The structure of the resources could take a similar form to that used for the Guide to Productivity. This would allow a single page to access several hundred resources in a structured way.

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