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When you’re teaching Vectorworks it’s important for the students to understand the basic concepts. Sometimes these basic concepts are abstract, and it can be difficult for some students to understand how these basic concepts can affect their later working. These resources have been structured to provide a logical training system for Vectorworks. You do not have to use every resource in the order they given, you can pick and choose which resources you would like to use to teach Vectorworks from.

Introduction to Vectorworks– this is a getting started area to understand the basic fundamental concepts behind Vectorworks.

Tools and Commands – this has exercises on most of the basic tools and commands.

Creating a 2-D drawing

Modeling and Drawing (a simple exercise to show the connection between a model and the drawing)

Snapping Palette

Object Info Palette

Resource Browser

Introduction to 3-D Modeling

Introduction to Lighting and Rendering

Organizing drawings

More 3-D Modelling

Building Projects.

Landscape Projects

Previous online webinars


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    • There is a hard copy tutorial manual for Vectorworks architect 2016. But it is not included as part of your subscription to this website. I personally do not have a copy of it, I am still waiting for Vectorworks to send me one, but I have seen photos of it. If you are in America you can get the manual from Vectorworks, novedge, or the person that you bought Vectorworks from. If you are in Europe, you can get my manuals from

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