BIM_SIG_017 Special Interest Group February 2013

In this session we looked at detailing. We have covered detailing in an earlier manual, but there are always questions about how to finish the project and detail. Of course, how you detail depends on your drawing philosophy.

There is a long discussion about the level of information you need to provide, and can you use the 3D model to create the details.

Topics covered:

  • What should the details look like
  • Drawing philosophy and how it affects the detailing.
  • Using a Detail Viewport (VW 2013 only)
  •  If you do not have VW 2013, use the Detail Reference Box
  • Creating a Section Viewport
  • Editing the Advanced Properties on the Section Viewport
  • Using the Section Viewport to create details
  • troubles with the wall framer
  •  looking at the SST_0905 manual


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Also see:

SST_0905 Creating Details 

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  1. I agree that giving estimates to builders is a bad idea but… I have contracts with agencies that require cost estimates at each phase of the design process and they need to become more and more detailed with each phase. Can VW be linked to published cost libraries such as RS Means? Can you show us the best way to set up a project in order to do good cost estimates for the client?


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