cadmovie879 – Animations – Part 3

AW Camera Path – This tool is used to create a 3D path for an AW Camera. When you create the 3D path, you can get around the problems with the standard Vectorworks animation, where it can be hard to create a smooth turn.

You can also control changes in height more easily, allowing you to fly up stairs and escalators, or chaging height as you fly around the building.

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4 thoughts on “cadmovie879 – Animations – Part 3

  1. This movie does not seem to play for me? I am playing with rotating objects, but when I tried to use it on a door by making the door a symbol it lost its ability to insert into the wall.

    • that sounds right. it wouldn’t be able to rotate if it was in the wall. I was a bit sneaky, i made the door frame a so that it would fit into the wall, but I didn’t include any door leaves on it. I made the door leaves into a rotating symbol and placed them at the right location for a door. they look like they are part of the door, but they aren’t.

    • The movie eventually played for me. You have to wait for the entire movie to download. I tried clicking on start, then I waited, then I clicked on the stop, and then start and it went.

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