What Happened to archoncad.co.nz?

You might have ended up at this web site because you were looking for www.archoncad.co.nz. So why are you here. Well, for the past year I have been planning on changing my web site so that it can be more user friendly, so that it can contain all my movies and manuals, and so that it is searchable.

The result is that the old web site no longer serves the purpose that it used to, and it is time to remove it. This new web site is much better than the old web site. I really had to make the site searchable, because I have created so many resources, it was becoming a challenge finding things.

When I first started my web site, it was really just for my local clients. Visitors to my web site now come from all over the world, so I needed to have a .com web site. When I first started my web site, I only had a few resources, now there are over 1300 movies, 70 manuals, and I add more each day. Without completely changing the web site, I could not make it searchable. Being able to search for resources is so important.

When I first started my web site, I did not have subscribers. In order to create the subscription system, the web site needed a major overhaul. Creating a subscription has been so beneficial for the users. It allows them to access all on my material (movies, blogs, manuals) and it allows them to attend on line meetings (which can be used for CPD or CE).

These things lead me to a complete redesign of my web site. So, here you are, at the new site.

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