The People’s E-Book

I love e-books. I read them all the time, and my subscribers know that I write them as well. I found this project that hopes to make e-book publishing easier and more elegant.

The project is from kickstarter and they are looking for funding to this started. Kickstarter is a website that allows people to set up projects and ask for micro funding (small amounts of money).

The People’s E-Book seeks to be a lab, an incubator, an e-book creation platform for artists, authors, and alternative presses who want to try new things, publish new books, and push into new territories. The People’s E-Book will handle e-books of all sizes and scope, but it will excel in areas that no one else has cared to consider—the very small, the quick and dirty, the simple and the experimental.

I have backed this project, along with 600 other people, because if it works, it will improve the way I can deliver my manuals and it will improve the way I can read other’s e-books.

I also like the kickstater concept, where people can get micro funding for useful projects. I have seen some amazing projects there…

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