Hatches in the Resource Browser

Hatches in the Resource Browser

Over the years I have been collecting hatches that I like to use in my Vectorworks drawings.

You can choose to put the hatches in your template file, or you can choose to put these hatches in the User Folder or Workgroup Folder.

There are over 80 hatches in these files.




Download the file for your version of Vectorworks, then add it to your User folder or Workgroup folder.

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3 thoughts on “Hatches

  1. Thank you Jonathan! Your Webinars are always so informative and so much fun – glad I figured out how to do the audio so I can speak. Have a wonderful holiday with your wife – those things are what is important in life.

    • I haven’t updated the hatches (or any of the library files yet), but they can be opened in Vectorworks 2015 and saved. Don’t forget to save the files into the correct folder so that they turn up in the Attributes palette for you. If you have a look at the movies (or the manuals) on managing your library you will see that I talk about where to store your Default Content.

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