Introduction to BIM- Doors and Windows – Part 8

Adding Additional information to Doors – You can attach additional information to doors for the door schedule.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction to BIM- Doors and Windows – Part 8

  1. Hello Jonathan, I have a large no. of doors in one of my drawings and I would prefer to create three door schedules and group the doors to show only certain doors on a particular schedule. For Example, Door schedule – 1 will contain doors labelled 100 – 199, Door schedule – 2 will contain doors labelled 200 – 299, etc. Is there a way to create the two or more separate worksheets?

    Thank you for your assistance.


    • Yes there is. When you set up your worksheet to look for doors you can usually criteria not only to look for the record door is included but also that the field (may be the number field) value must be between a certain range. So you could say that you want the worksheet to find doors, that their value has to be greater than 99, but less than 200.

      • Thank you Jonathan, that information was very helpful to what I am currently working on. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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