Introduction to BIM- Drawing Walls – Part 12

Exporting Wall Styles To The Wall Style Library – Save your walls styles to the wall style library, then you can use them on every project.

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One thought on “Introduction to BIM- Drawing Walls – Part 12

  1. Hi;

    I went through this exporting wall styles process as you described. Just to be sure, I did not find “Walls” in the library to export to, but Wall~slab” – is this just an updated version of the same thing?? Also, once exported, where do my wall styles show up in the new VW project. OK, I just found them in in the User Libraries in the Files portion of the Resource Browser. And then needs to be launches before it resides in the Wall Styles section. Now, I am far from telling you anything that might be a better teaching, but mentioning this would have helped me immensely. Thanks for this. Guess it did make me dig 😉

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