Book: Vectorworks Essentials 5th Edition by Jonathan Pickup

I’m really pleased to announce that my fifth edition of the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial manual is now on sale at novedge and at Vectorworks.

I’ve taken the opportunity to restructure this manual to include an introduction to 3-D modelling. As well as that all the chapters have been updated to take account of the new features in Vectorworks 2013.

The websites listed above have a brief introduction to the manual and the link above for the Vectorworks website also includes a sample chapter that you can download and review. I recommend you purchase this manual from novedge, they have been a longtime supporter of my training methods.

What sets this manual apart from all the other authors of Vectorworks training manuals is that this manual comes with an electronic copy that has embedded movies. If you open the manual with Adobe acrobat on your computer you will be able watch movies of the exercises being carried out. The movies have been designed to move slowly and methodically through each exercise, giving you tips and tricks along the way. This means that if you watch these movies after completing the manual you’ll find extra information inside the movies.

If you copy the electronic version of the manual to your iPad and open it with PDF Expert (an app you have to purchase) you can watch the movies on your iPad.


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