Build Your Gingerbread House Today using Vectorworks

gingerbread house

This was our fist gingerbread house

At this time of year my family makes a gingerbread house. When we started to do this, we decided that a store bought ginger bread house wasn’t acceptable, we could design our own house. I didn’t take me long to realise that I could use Vectorworks with BIM principles to create the model and drawings for the gingerbread house.

Last year I wrote a manual for my subscribers on how to build your gingerbread house in Vectorworks and get the drawings from the model.

gingerbread house 2011

This is last year’s gingerbread house (2011)

This manual uses the same techniques as a BIM project, so it’s a fun way to practice your drawing skills, and you will learn a few of my productive tricks for creating elevations and plans.

Thank you to all my customers that have supported me this year. I could not have achieved so much without you.

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