Landmark_SIG_016 Special Interest Group December 2012

In this session we looked at two major topics; creating a landscape budget using landscape areas, and creating plants and adding them to your library. Vectorworks makes it very easy to find areas and calculate the percentages of areas in relation to each other. If you create your plants and store them in your library, it becomes very quick to use them.

I’m in the middle of updating my landmark tutorial manual for Vectorworks 2013, and I have just finished the topic called Project 4 when you import a DXF file, add landscape areas, calculate the price of the landscape areas and quantify the area of the landscape as a percentage of the overall site. The users today wanted to see how quick this could be done and so that is the first half of today’s session.

When you create your plants you can choose to import information from your plants database to make it easier to put in the botanical name, the common name, and the plant sizes. You can also edit the graphics file of your plants to suit your design style. After doing all this work of creating the plant, editing the graphic style of the plant, and attaching all the information to it, it would be easy if you could save this to a library so that you can use this plant on any project.

Topics covered:

  •  importing DXF/DWG file
  • rescaling information to ensure accuracy
  • using the polygon tool to fill in areas, using the shift key to add areas together
  • converting  shapes to objects
  • creating a report of all the landscape areas
  •  creating the calculation to multiply the unit price times the landscape area
  • formatting the cells of the worksheet
  • using the worksheet to calculate the total area of the site
  • using the worksheet to calculate the percentage of the landscape as a proportion of the site
  • editing the landscape areas using the  clip tool
  • saving the worksheet to your user library
  • importing the worksheet from your user a library to a current project
  • should you use the resource browser to store your default content or should you use your user library
  • creating a plant, getting information from the plant data
  • assigning plant information to landscape areas
  • creating a plant list
  • went to use the place plant tool, and when to use the landscape area tool
  • Using 3-D plants with a landscape area
  •  plants database
  • editing plant graphics
  • using the reshape  tool with landscape and plant areas
  • exporting plants to plant library
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