BIM_SIG_015 Special Interest Group December 2012

The session was intended to be an open question-and-answer session. My aim was to cover several topics. However, there were two main topics that came up in the session. The first topic was space subjects and how to edit the labels, and the second topic was default content. Topics covered:

  • space label
  • auto bounded spaces
  • how to choose a standard label
  • standard space labels
  • editing a space label
  • adding extra fields to the space label
  • changing the fields on the space label
  •  aligning the text in the space label
  • editing the text in the space label
  • assigning classes to the parts of the space label
  • changing the graphic style of the parts of the space label
  • changing the room number
  • trying to join co-linear walls (can’t be done)
  • default content and how it relates to the resource browser
  •  adding favorite files to the resource browser
  • batch converting your old user folder for a new version of Vectorworks
  • editing the application folder default content
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