Site Modeling – Part 2

Drawing Simple Site Plans – The Property Line tool makes quick work of simple site plans. If the Sites do not have curves use this method.

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3 thoughts on “Site Modeling – Part 2

  1. If I already have a survey drawing imported from a surveyor’s file (and it’s at the correct scale & orientation), is it possible to trace over an already drawn polygon that represents the property line with this tool? Or perhaps can I take the already drawn polygon and convert it to a Property Line?

    • You can either trace over this polygon with the property line tool, or you can select the existing polygon and convert it to a property line using the command from the AEC menu, Create Objects From Shapes…. The choice depends on what you want to keep the existing object or not. If you do not need to keep the existing surveys file, then you can select the survey is polygon and convert it to a property line. My preference would be to keep the original survey information contact and either copy the polygon or trace over it.

      • I’m with you, I always like to keep a clean, complete survey drawing at the base of my drawings – Just in case.

        I was able use the Create Objects From Shapes… method to generate a PL. Thank you!

        Though I don’t still need to make a PL this time, I wasn’t able to trace over the survey drawing with the Property Line tool. Every time I started to trace it, the first click with bring up the complex dialog box and I could not click on a second point. What’s the trick to tracing with the Property Line tool?

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