Landmark_SIG_015 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this session we looked at getting started with the project, based on information that had been measured on-site. In the situation the information was not imported from a survey, it was actually measured by the people in the office when they visited the site. The methods of measuring were a theodolite and a tape measure. This is enough information to give the heights in the setting out from known points on the site.

Topics covered:

  • importing a PDF file
  • Drawing a property line
  • Using the line tool to draw a single boundary, using survey data
  • scaling and imported image or PDF file to match unknown property  length
  • using the rotated plan to keep the house orthogonal, with the site still at the correct angle
  • tracing over an imported image to create a property line
  • placing stake objects to create a site model
  • placing objects on the site based on side measurements (triangulating measurements)
  • using guides to hide the setting out information
  • creating the site model from stake objects
  • editing the source data for the site model
  • creating texture beds
  • assigning textures to texture beds
  • assigning a texture to a site model
  • overlapping texture beds
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