Guide to Productivity

Vectorworks is extremely powerful when you use it correctly. There are many, many productivity techniques you can use to make Vectorworks faster. But it’s not just about customizing Vectorworks, there are many  basic techniques that will make you faster. In this post there are over 180 links to movies. I believe that these are the tools and techniques that you need to learn. If you learn these tools and techniques you will find that it’s not just more productive to use Vectorworks, you will also find it’s more fun.

Productivity Techniques

Snapping Palette

Object Info Palette

Resource Browser

Layers and Classes

Property Line Tool

Importing and Exporting Files


Site Modelling

Dealing With Walls

Dealing With Roofs


Floors, Slabs, Columns and Pillars 


Building a Symbol Library

Customising Vectorworks


Referencing (Workgroup Reference)

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  1. I have been using the manuals written by Jonathan Pickup since he began writing them in 2000. They were simple pamphlets then but very instructive. The lesson were easy to follow with the idea of learning the fundamentals and building your skills. I was delighted when Nemetschek choose Jon to write the manuals a few years ago. His approach to teaching these skills makes the complex seems simple. It worked so well for me that now I’m teaching Vectorworks to my son who is a college engineering student. Thanks Jon and congratulations on your continued success

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