BIM_SIG_014 Special Interest Group November 2012

The Vectorworks stair tool was introduced for Vectorworks 2011, but this still seems to be some confusion about how to use the stair effectively. At first look, the stair looks powerful but complicated. It’s important to understand the concept behind the stair so that you can use the stair quickly and easily. If you work with the concept of the stair, it works really well, but if you try to work against the concept of the stair you will have trouble.

Topics covered:

  • the basic concept of the stair
  • choosing the basic stair configuration
  • setting the geometry of the stair using layers
  • how the stair changes when you change layer or story heights
  • setting the basic stair geometry for the riser and tread (going)
  • setting the minimum and maximum stair values
  • saving the minimum and maximum values
  • setting the detailed geometry of the stair
  • setting the 2D graphics of the stair
  • saving the 2D graphics settings
  • setting the construction of the stair
  • saving the construction settings
  • setting the handrail and guardrail options
  • saving the handrail and guardrail options
  • setting the graphic attributes
  • saving the graphic attributes
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  1. I am planning on traveling and I only will be taking my ipad. I would like to use some of that time to use the training videos but cannot view them. Is there some way I can?

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