Viewing – Part 3

Rotated Plan View – This is a really useful technique for rotating your view, without actually rotating the information on the drawing.

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2 thoughts on “Viewing – Part 3

  1. How can I Rotate Page to change the orientation of the printed page relative to my drawing? Or, alternatively, how can I use Rotate Plan to rotate the page area to fit a portion of my drawing? In any case, how can I decouple the page orientation from the drawing orientation?


    • I am not sure I understand why you are not using a viewport on a sheet layer to create your printed page. if you use a sheet layer, you can change the orientation of the page, and you can place your viewport on this page at any angle that you choose. I would say that the Rotate Plan is great for working on a design layer when you need to rotate something on the plan to be orthogonal.

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