SST_1211 – Stairs

I’ve spoken to several users that seem to struggle with the stair tools. There there’s more than one stair tool that you can use in Vectorworks. On the Fundamentals and Landmark workspace there is a very useful stair called the Simple Stair,  then there is the Custom Stair, and finally on the Architect workspace is the stair tool. The Stair tool is a very powerful but complex tool for creating extremely accurate stairs.

Table of Contents

Simple Stair

  • Stair with Landing
  • Landing Left or Right
  • Double Back Stair (Dog-leg Stairs)

Circular Stair

Custom Stair

  • Straight Stair
  • Other Stair Options

Stair Tool

  • Straight Stair
  • Stair with Landing
  • U-Stair (Dog-leg Stair)
  • When to Use the Stair Tool
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