Annotation – Part 22

Callout Tool, Place as Keynote, With More than One Legend – Using more than one keynote legend allows you to group all the roof notes together, all the wall notes together, or set up ConDoc notes.

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2 thoughts on “Annotation – Part 22

  1. Well, that’s a very interesting feature I did not know: more than one legend per sheet. I find it easier to do the annotations outside the viewport so I can jump from one drawing to the next very fast w/o having to enter and exit into each and every viewport. Is there anything to be aware about my approach?

    • A: The main thing you need to be careful of with your approach is that when you move the viewport all the callouts that you have placed will not move with the viewport. But if you know this, then you could select all the callouts and the viewport and then move everything together.
      I find it easier to enter the viewports if you set your double-click on viewports to enter annotations, then use your keyboard shortcut (command+] or ctrl+]) to exit the viewport.

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