Dealing With Walls – Part 1

Simple Walls –  If you have Vectorworks Architect or Designer, the wall tool allows you to use Wall Styles, and to store Wall Styles in a Wall Style Library. We can start with drawing a simple wall.

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5 thoughts on “Dealing With Walls – Part 1

  1. Jon;

    thanks. I’m a late starter to your subscription but wanted to say how great it is!! First wanted to say that I subscribed because of the story you posted about the fellow who took your advice about taking the time during the “down-time” of the economy = workload and really learning vectorworks. As soon as I subscribed I got a couple jobs and have been eager to learn what you are presenting. Thus I am just starting.
    Secondly, I just learned how quickly I can use the wall styles, and also customize the window settings. I see you have more on walls, so will complete this series before grabbing another. I’m glad you are excited also, listening to a little of your 2012 wrap up / review.
    Thanks again.

  2. I know the dropdown menu gradually accrues the wall types I use in a project file at the top of the list, but starting out, can you change the default folder it draws from? I tend to use my own library folder of different walls I have created over time.

    • The list below the line grabs the walls from three locations:

      • Vectorworks application folder
      • User folder
      • workgroup folder

      If you export your wall styles from a project into your user folder, they will appear in that list.

      • I do export them into a user folder (which is why they accrue to the drop down list) but I don’t need the base VW folder since it is redundant to my user folder (which used the VW folder as a base). Can I “turn it off”?

        I suppose I could segregate the base VW folder and my own wall types in a separate folder,but that seems inefficient.

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