Site Modeling – Part 8

Roads – Roads are great for making simple roads and paths. They can be easily fitted to to the slope of the site. Do not think that Vectorworks is a roading design package though. There are several road situations you can not make in Vectorworks easily.

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3 thoughts on “Site Modeling – Part 8

  1. Jonathan, I can see how this is great for modeling new roads with even, exact geometry, derived from a single-line path. However, is it possible to use polygons traced atop an aerial (or drawn in a survey) to create an existing road on a terrain? I have an existing road on the site that widens and narrows that I need to have appear on the DTM. Thanks!

    • It is not possible to make a road change width along its path. So, in all its once your question you cannot have an existing road that widens and narrows. You can however draw a polygon over your aerial photograph, send it to the surface, and then convert this to a site modifier.

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