Site Modeling – Part 13

Texture Bed – You can use this to add colors to part of the site model. This doesn’t so much edit the site model, as apply areas onto the site model.

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4 thoughts on “Site Modeling – Part 13

  1. Jonathan
    This is a comment on the entire Productivity posts – Thank you! It has been a great refresher and source of new tips. I greatly appreciate these posts.
    Can you do the Modify commands ‘Compose’ and Decompose’ – when to use and when not to use.
    Group and Ungroup would also be helpful.

    Thanks again Jonathan!
    Richard Stiers

  2. When I tried to use textured beds on the site model as you indicated I was unable to edit textures. I was hoping to add more than just colours but apply textures from the VW library in order to model surface treatments or construction material applied.


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