BIM_SIG_011 Special Interest Group October 2012

Vectorworks 2013 introduced several new concepts. Two really important concepts are the detail viewports and the hierarchal classes. My belief is that both of these concepts are going to change the way you structure your classes and the way you structure your sheet layers. In this Special Interest Group will be looking at how these two concepts can be used.

Topics covered:

  • Hierarchal classes in your standards.
  • Changing your class standards to make better use of the Hierarchal Display.
  • Using the Eyedropper to set the defaults for doors and windows.
  • Creating a Foundation viewport
  • Creating a section viewport
  • Creating sheet layers
  • Locating a viewport on the sheet layer
  • Creating a Detail Viewport
  • Creating several detail viewports
  • Relocating detail viewports on the sheet layer
  • Re-numbering detail viewports
  • Creating a worksheet to control Drawing Label numbers and titles
  • Exporting the worksheet to you library
  • Creating a workgroup folder for library information


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