Landmark_SIG_010 Special Interest Group September 2012

This is the movie from the morning session Landmark Special Interest Group, September 2012. We are looking at starting a project by importing DXF/DWG information. An important concept that needed to be cover was when to use layers and when to use classes. Topics Covered:

  • Importing DXF/DWG
  • Font mapping
  • Changing from viewports to design layers
  • editing design layer names
  • creating design layers for landscaping
  • why set design layers to a scale
  • rotated plan view
  • saving a rotated plan view
  • when to create new layers, for details for example
  • Creating a parking area, in Vectorworks 2013, there is a bug
  • editing the parking area using the clip tool
  • Using Parking Spaces
  • Using Guides
  • Mirroring parking spaces
  • snaps that help mirror objects
  • editing parking spaces
  • changing parking space numbers
  • placing a hardscape in rotated plan view
  • Hierarchal classes in Vectorworks 2013
  • Creating a carpark space report
  • Updating the carpark space report
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2 thoughts on “Landmark_SIG_010 Special Interest Group September 2012

  1. The first part was very helpful but when you got into the parking lot changes and the work sheet creation it got more compleicated and hard to follow!


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