BIM_SIG_007 Special Interest Group August 2012

This is the movie from the BIM Special Interest Group, August 2012, creating a BIM workflow, part 3, Roofing.

Topics Covered:

  • Multi-level buildings, how many layers should you use.
  • Fit walls to roof ( fit walls to 3D geometry)
  • Using Layer Colors.
  • Creating a roof.
  • Calculating where walls penetrate a roof for a dormer wall.
  • How Vectorworks creates a hole in a roof.
  • How Vectorworks creates a hole in a roof face.
  • Creating a roof face to rise to the ridge of an adjoining roof
  • Select Connected Objects
  • Editing a roof with the Reshape Tool
  • Joining roof faces with the Connect/Combine tool.
  • Creating a roof face that rises in two directions.
  • Smart Edge.
  • Angle Snaps
  • Making a complex roof from 3 Simple roofs
  • Creating a Skylight
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