Short sharp Training for Vectorworks Now Includes Special Interest Group Movies

Since February 2012 the Vector-workout subscription service has been offering special interest group webinars. These webinars are an interactive online session about a particular topic. The webinars are interactive, allowing the attendees to talk to each other, ask questions, and discuss the solution. Often these webinars cover difficult or complex situations. Sometimes they just cover situations where the users had forgotten what the solution was.

There are a special interest group sessions for Building Information Modeling and sessions for Landmark. This allows users to choose whether they want to learn Vectorworks from an architectural point of view or from a landscaping point of view. having a special interest group like this allows the users to focus on the topics that suit that profession. For example, when dealing with roofing, from an architectural point of view there might be one solution, but from a landscape point of view that might have to be a different way of solving the problem. Having a special-interest group for each profession makes it easy to show them the solution.

The sessions are recorded and the movies for each session are posted online for the subscribers. Until now, there has not been a simple way to store and recall these movies. Now, we have a solution for storing and retrieving these movies. This allows me to record each session and post each section individually on the subscriber website.

As you can see from this picture, each online session has a brief description of what was included in the movie. This will allow you to search the website to find the topics that we covered. The order of the topics shows you where to look for the topic and the movie. So topics at the top of the contents are at the beginning of the movie, while topics at the bottom of the list are at the end of the movie.

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