Welcome to the New Web Site

This is a completely new website, with a brand-new structure. Everything will communicated through this site, mainly using this home page. Everything that I want to communicate with you will be on this homepage, which is just a continuous blog.

This blog now contains everything that I have written from all the different blog sites that I have created in the past. You will find blogs all the way back to 2005.

When a new movie, a new manual or a new topic is posted, it will appear here on the home page in date order.  With the structure, you will be able to search for anything that I have written by using the search box on the right-hand side of this page. Type in the topic or word that you are looking for and the site will return every blog, manual, and movie that relates to that word or topic.

There are only two menu items on the site. The first menu is the homepage. The other menu is for webinars and online meetings. To check the dates and times for online meetings and webinars please use that menu. For everything else use the Home menu.

I have added all the manuals, cadmovies, extended podcasts, and beginner movies that have been created. There are over 1000 movies to add to the site, over 65 manuals, and hundreds of blogs.

All the manuals have had the movies re-linked. This means that when you download new copies of the old manuals, all the movie links will work. No more wondering where to find the old movies.

Use the Categories pop-up menu to find broad groups of information. When you click on the menu you will see a list. These are the categories. Next to each category is the number of items in the category. For example, in this image there are 36 manuals. These are the monthly manuals.

Click on the Category you want to look at.





Use the Tags to find specific areas of interest. As you run your cursor of the tags, you will get a tool tip showing how many blogs you will see if you click on that tag. The size of the tag shows you the relative number of items in each tag. The bigger the tag, the more blogs. Small tags have a small number of blogs.








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