Looking for the Vectorworks Eyedropper

I was running one of my monthly online webinar sessions today, and the question of the eye dropper tool came up. I thought perhaps I had spoken to the uses previously about using the eyedropper to copy the attributes from one object and apply them to another.

The eyedropper tool is on the basic toolset. It is one of the tools that I cover in my Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial course early on. I even have exercises for the students to complete, so that they learn how to use this tool.



The eyedropper tool also has settings that allow you to control exactly what parts of an object you pick up. If you save your settings, then you can access them from the pop-up menu on the toolbar. One of the settings but very useful is the ability to set the information you pick up with the eyedropper tool as the default setting for that object.


I was showing my online users how to use the eyedropper tool to save all the settings for the sheet border. In fact, I thought I had already made a movie that showed my users exactly how to do this. when I went to my website to check, I found that I had made more than one movie on the eye dropper tool.




When I did my search, I found three movies and one blog with information about the eyedropper tool. I found this movie showing exactly how to use the eyedropper tool to set the defaults for tools.


So please try searching…


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