Vector-workout Subscription June Sessions

Referencing is where you link your current file to another Vectorworks file, image file, or PDF file. You use referencing to bring in the information you want, allowing you to split the workload with other people. It is also a good way to keep consultants work separate from yours.

Many people do not understand referencing, but it is very useful. The other day I taught a client to use referencing to link a survey file and a shape file from two different sources. Not only did the two files have origins, but for some reason, they had been rotated. Using a reference allows the client to import more shape files and see the information on the survey file accurately.

Other clients need to have more than one person working on a project. Referencing is how you do that.

There are four sessions for subscribers, at different times to suit different time zones, but the sessions all cover the same information, so you only need to attend one session.

You have to be a subscriber to attend these sessions, and you can subscribe here…

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