SST_1202 Introduction to 3D Modeling in Vectorworks

Vectorworks has several ways to work in 3D, but there are some basic principles that you have to understand. 3D modeling in Vectorworks is fun and it allows you to create objects that have never existed before.

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2 thoughts on “SST_1202 Introduction to 3D Modeling in Vectorworks

  1. Hi there
    I have been working through this and doing the exercises that create shapes using the loft tool and nurbs. I tried to make the simple example chair using a similar rail and profile to the example and the loft with one rail tool. It doesn’t work and won’t create the shape. The problem seems to lie with the rail, which I originally created using the polyline tool. If I substitute it with a simple polygon without curves, it works (but the end result is not what I want!) I am using Vectorworks 2008. Any ideas where I am going wrong?
    Cheers. Chris

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