cadmovie787 – Introduction to 3D Modeling Part 6

Extrusions in Vectorworks 2012. If you are using Vectorworks 2012 you can  go straight to an isometric view and draw a rectangle. Then use the Push/Pull mode to extrude the drawn rectangle.

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4 thoughts on “cadmovie787 – Introduction to 3D Modeling Part 6

  1. Another time saving, workflow streamlining cadmovie, no need to even click to select the push pull tool as you move the mouse in desired direction. Great instructions Jonathan. Everyone should check this out if they need an extra push/pull to get into the fun of 3D modelling!

  2. After drawing the rectangle, if you click away from it, the automatic push/pull mode seems to be lost… Is there are way to “re-establish” it right away, or to use the Push/Pull tool on the flat rectangle? Or must the Extrude command be used instead?

    Also, once extruded, can the Push/Pull tool be used to further adjust the rectangle, making it taller or shorter?

    • You cannot re-establish it, that’s why you have to Push/Pull it straight away. If you want to Push/pull it later, then use the Push/Pull tool or the extrude command.

      Once Extruded, you can use the Push/Pull tool to edit the size of the extrusion, or if you can use the Object Info palette to edit the size of the extrusion.

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