Novedge Webinar Series Episode 39: Introduction to BIM with Vectorworks Architect

Earlier on today I was presenting a webinar for Novedge, a Vectorworks reseller in America. The topic was an introduction to BIM using Vectorworks architect.  the webinar was recorded and you can now watch this recording on YouTube.

One of the main concepts in using Vectorworks Architect is called Building Information Modeling (BIM). What this means is that as you draw a wall in Vectorworks, it is more than a plan representation of a wall. The wall has texture, knows when a window is inserted, and can have information attached to it. Many parts of the Vectorworks drawing are like this: they are much more than they seem. A door, for example, is more than the plan representation of the door. It has a model part, and you can attach information about the door, door hardware, or even the supplier and cost of the door. This information can be generated as a report whenever you want it.

Many of the topics that I showed during this webinar have been covered in my monthly subscription service.  So if you are a subscriber you will recognize many of the tricks I have shown you, if you are not a subscriber you might notice there are lots of quick tricks that I use.

Almost all of today’s webinar is covered in the Vectorworks Architect Tutorial manual sold by Novedge on the website. Check it out here.

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