Vectorworks Architect Online Test

When you employ staff, wouldn’t it be nice to know that the new employee has a good level of Vectorworks skill?

When you think about training your staff, wouldn’t it be great to know where the training was needed?

I have created an online Vectorworks Architect test. This test covers 9 major areas with 63 questions.

I would expect the test to take about 30 mins if the user is very competent.

I completed the test in 18 minutes, but then I knew what all the questions and answers would be.

There are a range of questions using True/False statements, Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct, and questions where the user has to label images.


This test is ideal for:

  • employers to test new employee
  • employers that want to know where to invest in their staff
  • school and university leavers
  • employment agencies

The test used a platform called Mindflash which had a great system for creating an exam. I had to stop using it because they changed the pricing structure in a way that made the system unaffordable for me. I am still looking for a replacement.

2 thoughts on “Vectorworks Architect Online Test

    • Hi Alan,
      I thought this was a great test. Unfortunately the company that hosted the software change their pricing structure and made it completely unaffordable for me. I think I have only had one person that actually looked at this test when it was running, so it did not seem to be a big disappointment for me to lose it.
      If other people think that that would be worthwhile setting up again I will have another look at it.

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