SST_1201 Setting up Layers in Vectorworks

Setting up your layers correctly is essential if you want to use Vectorworks for BIM. Vectorworks 2012 has a new organizing concept called Stories which will require you to think carefully about how you organise your project into layers and stories.

Stories are a new organizing concept for Vectorworks 2012. It groups design layers to make it easier to adjust the different levels (stories) of a building. The stories also allow you to control building elements such as stairs, walls, and so on.


  • Stories
    • What Are Stories?
    • How do Stories Work With Building Elements?
    • How do You Control Stories?
  • Setting up Layers – 1 Floor 1 Roof
  • Setting up Layers – 2 Floors 1 Roof
  • Setting up Layers – 2 Floors 2 Roofs
  • Setting up Layers – 3 Floors 2 Roofs
  • Setting up Layers – Multiple Levels
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