Did you Get a Kindle or iPad for Xmas

If you got a Kindle or iPad for Xmas, Well Done!

Now you can justify this by filling it up with useful Vectorworks manuals. I have written about 28 short manuals for the Kindle, there are architecture and BIM manuals available.

The kindle reader now has several variants with the greyscale screen and one with a color screen. The greyscale versions are just e-book readers (they do this really well).

There is now a color version of the kindle, called the Kindle Fire. This  has the ability to do a lot more than the standard  greyscale kindle, (but only if you live in USA).

The iPad has thousands of applications, one useful one is the Kindle ebook reader. This app allows you to read all the kindle books on your iPad, if you downlaod the Kindle ebook reader, or if you use the Kindle cloud reader.

Some people have asked me why I have written books for the Kindle system. Many people think that they need to own a Kindle device to read a kindle book. This is wrong, you can read kindle books on many different devices, including your computer, phone, and so on. The books will sync across the different devices, so you will always be up to date.

With many associations requiring Continuing Professional Development (CE), a Kindle or tablet device is a great way keep your books with you.

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