Building a Vectorworks Gingerbread House

Every year I create a gingerbread house to share with the extended family over the holiday season. For the past several years I have been using Vectorworks to create a model. This is a great way to make a complex gingerbread house. You can design your own dream gingerbread house.
Start by, creating your model in Vectorworks.
Use viewports to get the plans and elevations.

Cut out the parts, and use these to cut the gingerbread.

Assemble the parts.

Decorate, and Enjoy.

The Vectorworks part of the process uses BIM principles to create the model and extract the elevations and plans, so I thought this would be fun way to learn about BIM. The Vector-workout Subscription used this as the basis of the meetings and manual in November (giving users time to create their own gingerbread houses).

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