SST_1110 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012

You may not want to upgrade, you may not be able to afford to upgrade, but I still think you should read about what is new in Vectorworks 2012. There are several important changes to 3D modeling that will change the way you think about 3D modeling. Amongst them are automatic working plane and new modes in planar objects.


  • Basic Concepts
    • Background Color
    • Select Coincident
    • X-Ray Mode
    • Unified Tools
    • Tool Bar Changes
    • Viewport Crop
    •  Ungrouping Record Preservation
    • More Levels In Class Menu
    • New Hatch From Customized Hatch
    • More Quick Preferences
  • 3-D Modeling
    • Automatic Working Planes
    • Primitive Objects
  • Rendering
    • Artistic Renderworks (Edge Thickness and Edge Color)
    • Hidden Line Intersection Edges
    • Renderworks Style
    • Heliodon
    • Metallic Shaders
    • Brick Shader Dimensions
    • Site Modeling
  • Site Model Improvements
    • Stake Object
    • Road
  • Building Elements
    • Stories
    • Stairs
    • Columns
    • Space Objects
    • Slab Objects
    • Wall Framing
    • Roof Framing
    • 3-Way Wall Joining
    • Door and Window Changes
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