cadmovie755 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 21

Stories. For complex projects it is sometimes easier to break them up into manageable chunks. In this example we will use Stories to control the elevation heights, design layers for modeling and classes to control visibility and graphic style of object.

If you are not familiar with layers and classes, please refer to the Vectorworks Essential Manual, which has a series of exercises to explain these.

A story (storey) is a collection of design layers (foundation, slab, walls, and ceiling). The story settings control, amongst other things, the elevation of the story relative to other stories.

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2 thoughts on “cadmovie755 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2012 Part 21

  1. Hi.
    The movie in CM 755 What’s new in VWX 2012 Pt 21 doesn’t play.
    It displays: Stream not found

    I would like to watch this as I’m persuing every Story avenue that I can find.
    Derek Fraser
    (This is my first Comment, I’m assuming it is just received by Jonathan).

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