Creating Hedges in Vectorworks

My friend Bill has been playing with this new tool that he found on It’s called the Siepe (Hedge) Tool. From the same author of Frangisole plugin. When I first looked at this tool I wasn’t sure that I could find a use for it.

But Bill has been playing with it, and he showed me how useful this could be.

Here is the scene with a small house and all my rendering is set up but the background and foreground just look a little plain.

So here’s my suggestion. Use the hedge tool to fill in the foreground. The way the hedge tool works, is that it uses several polygons and two textures to create the look of a hedge. You don’t have to use all hedge, you can add a flower texture if you want. You could use two different greens to give you a hedge with a green effect rather than flower effect.

Here is the same scene with a hedge around the back of the house as well. I think the hedge tool is great for filling in the background quickly.

The tool is $25US, which I was happy to pay. This tool only needs two clicks to place a hedge.

In this image I created a low hedge that mimics a buxus hedge border, with wildflowers inside, all created with a few objects from the Hedge tool, about two minutes work.


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