Back to School with Vectorworks

It is nearly Spring where I live, which means that it is Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and time to get back to school. If you want to learn Vectorworks to use in school, you have several options. Nemetschek Vectorworks has a student portal . This allows you to get a free educational version of Vectorworks, and there are several free manuals to download, along with a video library.

There are you tube movies, just search Vectorworks in youtube and you will 100’s of movies. 

The great way to learn Vectorworks is to use the self-paced Training from Vectorworks.  Here, you will find videos, free resources, and the training guides. The training guides are a great way to get started with Vectorworks, especially the Vectorworks Essentials Tutorial manual. This manual is designed to get you to use Vectorworks effectively from the beginning. 

If you teach Vectorworks, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to Vectorworks training materials? Imaging going into a class and saying, “Please open your computers (tablet or smartphone) and download today’s lesson, Quickstart to Vectorworks (or 3D modeling, or textures, etc)”
We have this ability right now, though kindle books and PDF manuals. Kindle books are great, because each student manages their own account.

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