cadmovie716 – Framing and Framing Tools Part 11

Truss Roof. The only truss roof tool available is the one from vectordepot, but it is not suitable for mono-pitch roofs, you can only use it on roofs that have equal pitches.

Visit vectordepot ( and download the plug-in. Unzip the plug-ins and copy them to your Plug-ins folder. Then you have to add the tools to your workspace.

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2 thoughts on “cadmovie716 – Framing and Framing Tools Part 11

  1. I was going through your Framing and Framing Tools cadmovies and got a lot out of them . . . a lot of which were some basics I hadn’t learned.

    Question: Do you, or are you still able to use that roof truss PIO you referred to back in 2013?? I think it was created in 2008. Just curious.


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