SST_1107 – Planar Graphics in Vectorworks 2011

It is easy enough to create a drawing with lines, but that does not make the drawing easy to read. Using colors and graphics will help others to read your drawings. In many cases, making your drawings easier to read will help your clients to understand the drawings, it will help the builders to understand your drawings and details, and it will help local authorities to understand and approve your drawings.

These techniques can be used by all Vectorworks uses. So, if you are an architect, landscaper, resource management consultant, urban designer, and so on, you can make use of this manual.

We are going to use a paving plan to show how to use and apply the techniques. We have a small site that needs some paving areas, and we want the paving areas to be easy to read, and graphically rich.


  • Introduction
  • Attributes Palette
    • Applying Colors
    • Applying Line Weight and Style
    • Object Opacity
    • Colors
    • Managing Color Palettes
    • Creating a Custom Color Palette and Colors
  • Lines
    • Line Weights
    • Dash Styles
  • Hatches
    • Applying Hatches
    • Creating Hatches
  • Images
    • Creating Images
    • Applying Images
  • Gradients
    • Applying Gradients
    • Creating Gradients
  • Tiles
    • Applying Tiles
    • Creating Tiles
  • Hardscapes
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