How Vectorworks Can Help Your Business

I have just received an email from a Michael Erkkinen of Webnash Design-Build ( showing how effective Vectorworks is for presentation.  I like Mike’s work, he designs and builds traditional new england colonial buildings with high performance envelopes and mechanicals. While they look like traditional buildings, and they use some old building techniques, they also use some new building techniques, they are heavily insulated and they often feature solar energy.

This image is the rendered image that Mike has created for his clients. Mike did not always create rendered views of this quality. For me, it has been encouraging to watch his presentations become more sophisticated as he learns more about Vectorworks though the Vector-workout Subscription. He has found that he gets his clients to commit to higher quality buildings now. He uses the renderings to show the clients the project at the schematic stage, and he rarely uses orthographic drawings (plans and elevations).

Here is the image of the partially completed building. One of the problems with traditional plans and elevations is that the client is not really sure what they are getting. The way Mike renders the concept, the building is what the client agreed to, leading to satisfied clients.

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