SST_1105 – Textures in Vectorworks 2011 and up

Textures have changed dramatically with Vectorworks 2011. Most of the tricks that you know from earlier versions of Vectorworks need to be re-learned. Textures in Vectorworks can make your designs come to life.

Textures can help your clients see what you really have in mind. You can use textures to make things reflect, make things see through, and so on. Textures are the things that make your drawing stand out and have a bit of zing. They can be created inside Vectorworks and can be created from digital images, or from shaders (built-in mathematical descriptions of textures).


  • Introduction
  • Textures
  • What is a texture, is it an image?
  • Applying Textures
  • Apply a Texture Directly – Object Info palette
  • Creating Textures
  • Creating A Simple Texture – Timber
  • Creating A Simple Texture – Marble
  • Creating a Simple Texture – Glass
  • Creating A Simple Texture With Color and Bump
  • Creating A Simple Texture With Color and Bump
  • Water Texture
  • Image-based Textures
  • Texture From Image
  • Creating a Texture Using a Transparency Map
  • Creating a Decal
  • Image Props
  • Making an Image Prop 1
  • Making an Image Prop 2
  • Mapping Textures
  • Attribute Mapping Tool
  • Textures on Walls
  • Assigning a Texture To a Site Model
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