Snaps On, Snaps off (Vectorworks 2010-2011)

By default Vectorworks 2010 and 2011 have one snap turned off that I find useful, Nearest Point on Edge.

I find Nearest Point on Edge useful, because this is the option needed to snap along the edge of an object, which I use nearly all the time.

But sometimes, I like to have a just a few of these object snap options turned on. For detailing, it is sometimes easier to have just a few snaps turned on.

When I’m dimensioning, I like to use just one option, End Point. This makes it easy to find the end of a wall, without snapping to a mid-point on the end of the wall.

I find that opening this dialog box and changing the options all time a bit of a bore. So, I have made a few utility scripts that automate these options. Subscribers can add to a floating palette, or add to the context menu (right-click). I also left these scripts unlocked so you can edit the script to suit yourself.

If you are a subscriber, go get these these utilities and install them in your workspace.

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