cadmovie619 – Productivity Part 8

Draw With Objects. If you draw with objects (rectangles, polygons circles and so on) you will be quicker. For example to draw a rectangle with 4 lines will 8 clicks. To create the same shape with the rectangle tools will take 2 clicks. This may not sound like much but very click you can save will save you time. Even if I have to draw 2 parallel lines I often use a rectangle.

It is easier to make a complex shape out of two simple shapes, then add them together. This only works if you are drawing with objects. If you draw with objects you can also find out the areas of objects. If you draw a house plan with lines, you can’t find out the area of the house easily. If you draw a house outline with rectangles and add them together then it is easy to find the house area, just look at the Object Info Palette, the area will be displayed at the bottom.

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